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Biologie IT Group I - CIP Rooms

Großhadener Str. 2 -4

Rooms: G00.037 (PC) and G00.039 (Mac)


  • Opening Times: Monday - Friday 08:00 - 19:00
  • Rooms are located here and here in Building 2 of the Großhaderner Campus
  • These rooms are open to any LMU student and can be booked for classes or teaching via: 
     Michael Bögele
     course coordinator
     Tel. 089 / 2180-74226
     Email: biokoord@bio.lmu.de
  • To see what courses are being run in these room please check here: G00.037 and G00.039
  • Only students of the Faculty of Biology can use the printing within these rooms, for all others the printers within the Library are available to use.

We ask that students:
  • Keep the room tidy and clean, use the bins found at the front of the room
  • Please do not eat or drink in the CIP Rooms, as not to disturb other students or damage any devices
  • Do not remove power cords of any of the devices in the CIP Room, in case of damage
  • Do not store data on the computers, instead please use your personal folder on the LRZ NAS. Files will be deleted from computers after 90 days
  • To take all their personal items away with them when they have finished using the rooms, IT-Gruppe I are not responsible for any lost items. If you believe you have lost or found something in the CIP rooms, please visit either G00.009 or G00.045 to report it

CIP Room Setup

Hardware Configurations
  • We have two CIP Rooms both of which are air conditioned and contain a 
     Xerox AltaLink C8145 Printer, Epson 4K EB-L530U Beamer and a whiteboard:
     Room G00.037: 18 x Windows 10 PCs with 27" 1440p Monitors managed by LRZ MWN-PC
     Room G00.039: 15 x 21.5” 4k iMacs 2019 managed by LRZ MWN_MAC
  • Users can log into these computers with their LRZ username (examples: ru12aec or ra93lop or ri46xuv) and password which will also give you access to your personal storage space (H: drive) within the LRZ NAS. Usernames and password resets can be made at the LMU Portal.

Software Installed and Available

  • We have a fairly extensive list of applications installed on the computers but also some more that are available via the LRZ Self Service Software Centres, via these applications missing software can be installed
  • If you have a piece of (free) software that you would like to have included in our CIP Room inventory then please email helpdesk.it@bio.lmu.de giving us the following information:
     Software Name, Version and required OS (Mac / PC)
     Website address for software download